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Weather Wednesday 20th February

Cloudy and windy up north with spits and spots of rain hanging around like a bad fart. Dry for the majority of other people with some bright spells and feeling more springlike. Maximum temperature 11°C.

Down on the farm, Mrs Honey has been giving advice to her friend Ethel who has a job interview at the local bakers. Mrs Honey told Ethel to think of imagining the interviewers naked, as this would help with her nerves. Ethel had to leave the interview after two minutes after vomiting all over her interviewers.

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Weather Friday 1st February

A few snowy showers having around in the morning but nothing major. The sun will eventually pop his head out to say hello and things will gradually brighten up. Feeling cold though. Maximum temperature 5°C.

Down on the farm, we were all prepared for the earth-shattering blizzard that never came. So we packed away our toboggans and moped around the farm with faces like slapped arses.

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Weather Thursday 31st January


Fucking cold.


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Weather Wednesday 30th January

A cold and nipply start to the day with some wintry showers hanging around. They’ll gradually fade away, leaving lots of sunshine for all of us. Maximum temperature 6°C.

Down on the farm, Farmer and Mrs Honey have been struggling with the cold, especially as their boiler broke down. They’ve resorted to wrapping themselves up in several coats and hot water bottles and not moving for hours on end.

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Weather Tuesday 29th January

Sleet and snow set to continue over in the west during the morning while the afternoon will see a band of sleet, snow and rain moving across the country. Any further snow will add to the snow already laid meaning that there will be some lying snow by the time night time comes around. Maximum temperature 6°C.

Down on the farm, we’re declaring a Snow Day down on the farm. That means we’re not allowed to do anything other than cwtch up, drink tea and eat Malted Milk biscuits. Lush.

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Weather Monday 28th January

Shitloads of sunshine across Wales for Monday although a few showers lingering around western areas. At this time of year, sunshine means cold weather and it’ll get no warmer than 5°C. Feeling less windy.

Down on the farm, Mrs Honey is pestering Farmer Honey to book a holiday. Mrs Honey wants a city break but Farmer Honey is holding out for a trip to the naked beaches in Greece.