Heatwave set to bring sweaty underboob epidemic to Wales


A mini-heatwave is set to bring a sweaty underboob epidemic to Wales next week.

Sweaty bollocks are also expected as temperatures soar to quite hot temperatures.

Wales’s leading weather expert, Derek the Weathersheep, told WalesOnCraic:

“Temperatures are going to get quite hot and this usually brings with it a lot of underboob sweat to the country. Summer often brings with it these sort of temperatures and sadly, there’s nothing we can do apart from wait for it to cool down again. Sweaty bollocks are also another phenomenon that we see during these warm periods. Personally, I like to puff my bollocks with talcum powder to keep them fresh during heatwave. Do it regularly, otherwise it clags and you have to scrape it off. It’s not nice.”

Temperatures traditionally rise during the summer months because the sun is nearer the earth and the sun is very hot. The hot weather is likely to last until the autumn.

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