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Thousands of recipes ‘to be removed from BBC website’to free up funding for Bargain Hunt

Thousands of recipes are to be removed from the BBC’s website to free up funds for TV show Bargain Hunt.

The recipes, which cost £450,000 each to remain on the site, will be taken down later this year. It is thought that the government are keen to boost output of shows such as Bargain Hunt.

The government’s BBC advisor, Eric Jong Un, told WalesOnCraic:

“We cannot possibly think of wasting public money by supplying them with meal recipes online when TV shows like Bargain Hunt are crying out for funding. For God’s sake, they even got rid of Tim Wonnacott. We need to make sure that this show has the ability to pay him whatever he asks so that we can once again lead the way with cutting-edge television. We want to be a world-leader in antiques-based nostalgia. We want to wipe the smile of that leather-faced bastard David Dickinson. He’s pissing all over us.”

Pensioner Ethel PissyKnickers, who once appeared on Bargain Hunt said:

“I found a vase in my cupboard last week. I’m hoping to get £4 for it but I’d be happy with £3.”

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