Election 2017

Theresa May to release ‘[You’re] So Strong and Stable’ rap single


Prime Minister Theresa May is set to release a new single to help promote new negotiations for Brexshit.

‘[You’re] So Strong and Stable’ feat. MC Johnson video will feature the Roly-Polys in a nod back Britain’s rich cultural heritage.

A spokesman for Downing Street said:

“We’ve got some kids from college coming in to write the lyrics. We want to base it around the notion of ‘strong and stable’ so we’re adding the word ‘so’ at the front to make it look good and we’re also getting the Roly-Polys in to perform on the video. The video will be shot in some wasteland called Hounslow and we’ll try and make it look as if Theresa’s down with the kids bro. Boris is coming along to do some MCing, whatever that is and we’ve got some backing vocals from Norman Tebbit. We’ll be running a strong social media campaign to take it to the top of the charts and hopefully, we’ll reach a new audience who will vote for us in this forthcoming election.”

But critics have warned that it’s a shit idea.

“It’s a shit idea,” said one critic.

Image: Jette Carr

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