Cheap imported tarmac blamed for shrinking car parks

West Wales County Council has blamed cheap imported tarmac from China following the recent shrinkage of a car park in Tenby.

People who had used the car park over bank holiday Monday came back to see their cars straddling the white lines of the parking bays.

Dai Hatsu from Saundersfoot said:

“I returned from my annual holiday in Tenby and couldn’t get into my 4×4. The doors on both sides were touching the cars on either side. First off I though my car had grown, but then I thought ‘no’ it must be because the car park’s shrunk. There was a helluva downpour before. That explains it.”

Following the complaints, local authority inspectors confirmed that the newly laid tarmac had in fact shrunk under the Welsh wet bank holiday weather.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said council workman Bill McBlackstuff. “We’ve been under pressure to save money, but this stuff is hopeless. I understand the whole lot is to be shipped back and we’re charging them for the white paint on it too.”

Local Green Party supporter Angela Recyclemore said:

“I hope the council learn from this failed attempt at outsourcing, but at the same time I hope that this tarmac can be reused in an effective way. Maybe a short stretch of a motorway in Dubai.”

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