TfW Rail change their name to WTF Rail

TfW Rail has changed its name to WTF Rail to reflect the recent cancellations and delays.

Transport for Wales said the new name change was inspired by feedback given to them by long-suffering commuters.

One commuter said:

“Last Thursday, a train turned up and whereas it’s usually formed of two carriages, it was only formed of one. Apparently, the other one was sold for scrap. We had 5,000 people trying to get on it and there was so little room that once we all go on, we were all jammed in and no one could get off. Then on Friday, whereas my usual train is formed of one carriage, this train was formed of no carriages at all. We were told that if we wanted to get to work, we’d have to go on a bus which got stuck in traffic.”

A spokesman for WTF Rail said:

“Following feedback from our commuters, we now think that our new name reflects the service that we provide. Now if you don’t mind, I need to tell my staff that they have no trains to drive today.”

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