Storm Ciarán to wreak wheelie bin chaos

Storm Ciarán is set to wreak wheelie bin chaos across some parts of Wales over the next day or so.

Strong winds are set to blow wheelie bins around and patio chairs over a little bit in some areas.

Wales’s leading weather forecaster, Derek the Weathersheep told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re looking at plant pots being blown over and stuff like that. I always like to warn the public ahead of this kind of danger and this storm is no exception. Winds are going to be pretty stiff (oo-er) and everyone can expect a blowy day on Wednesday, as it were. If you’ve got washing on your line, please bring it in tonight. I will not be held responsible for disappearing underwear.”

Storm Ciarán is named after Ciarán, whoever he is. Welsh nationalists at Wales First have been objecting to the incoming storm, saying that they don’t want fast-moving foreign air coming into their country and blowing things around and stuff.

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