Welsh language activists call for Welsh-sounding firework explosions

Welsh language activists are calling for all fireworks set off in Wales to make a Welsh-sounding noise instead of the common English-sounding ‘boom’ noise.

Activists from across the country have set up an online petition in a bid to force firework manufacturers to create Welsh-sounding noises such as ‘ffwt’ and ‘bwtch’.

Blodwyn ap Blodwyn, Chairman of the Welsh Speakers’ Speaking Group, told WalesOnCraic:

“Boom is such an Anglo-Saxon word. Every time a firework goes off, it reminds us that our nation is being suppressed by the ruling, and very English, power elite. It’s an insult to our great nation and we want to see it all changed.”

But critics have pointed out that Blodwyn ap Blodwyn is just talking out of his bwtch..

Tina Grimflaps said:

“He’s talking out of his backside that man. The man should look up the meaning of the word onomatopoeia. Actually, no. Probably best if he just shuts the fep up.”

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