Mum’s lack of cleaning pays dividends at children’s Halloween Party

A Pontypridd mother’s lack of cleaning has paid dividends at her child’s Halloween Party.

Brenda Triplegunt only has time to clean her house once a year.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I thought I’d hold a Halloween Party for my son Jake as he’s been moaning about never having one. Sadly, I never had time to clean the house as I never get any time to do that. Fortunately, my shithole of a house provided the perfect backdrop to the party and all the kids loved it. I didn’t even care that the kids spilled jelly all over the place as that added to the sense of an abandoned house. We played a few games before I chucked the kids out and sent Jake to bed so I could sink a bottle of wine to myself.”

Brenda cleans her house in March each year. Last year, she spent £50 on polish and bin bags.

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