Speed limit for Brynglas Tunnels raised to 20mph


The speed limit at Newport’s Brynglas Tunnels has officially been raised by the Welsh government.

The stretch of road is most often used by motorists that want to park up and chill out for several hours on balmy summer evenings.

Welsh government spokesman Brian ‘Shady’ Glenn told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re all for this new 20mph lark so we thought we’d apply it to my favourite stretch of motorway. Brynglas Tunnels is one of the gems in the nation’s crown and every time I pop by, I pull up and spend a few hours mingling with the other motorists there. We thought it was about time that we raised the speed limit there to match the 20mph limit that we’ve slapped on all other roads across Wales. We hope that this will help the environment and attract new visitors to the tunnels.

Motorist Kevin Dupper added:

“I loves going to the Tunnels I does. I sometimes takes my missis down there because that’s where we spend the first four hours of our first date. I’m happy to see this new speed limit there as it will make things more exciting for us now.”

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