Your Guide To The New 20mph Speed Limit in Wales


Today, the Welsh government has introduced a new 20mph law in Wales. If you’re a bit confused about it all, or just thick as shit, here’s our simple guide to not getting a speeding ticket

⦿ All roads that were 30mph are now 20mph, except for the ones that are 30mph. You won’t know if they’re 30mph so the official government advice is to assume it’s 20mph instead of 30mph, which it isn’t because it’s 30mph. Other motorists who are more familiar with the road may know that the road is 30mph and not 20mph and may aim to get you to speed up. This may not be the case if the road is actually 20mph and the motorists are just being impatient nobheads so don’t be tempted to do 30mph in case it is actually 20mph.

⦿ Local councils have the power to decide what speed you can travel on certain roads. The relevant council is under no obligation to let you know which roads are 20mph and in some cases, the street signage may say 30mph when it is in fact, 20mph. Or it could be 40mph. Who knows?

⦿ The Welsh government has said that if a street has street lights, motorists should assume that the road is 20mph. Except if the road is a motorway, or a road that isn’t 20mph. It could be a 30mph or a 40mph. It depends if the council has deemed that stretch of road to be something different.

⦿ For those living on the border between England and Wales, the Welsh government as advised that you slam your brakes on hard when you cross the border into Wales. Try not to let the car behind you shunt into you. This can be avoided by not driving your car.

⦿ The Welsh government has said that the best way to maintain a speed of 20mph is to drive anywhere between first and second gear, but not actually in either.

⦿ Cyclists are allowed to go as fast as they want since the Highway Code does not apply to them.

⦿ Road signs that show 30mph may be incorrect.

⦿ English people who enter Wales may not be aware of the new 20mph rule so may drive at 30mph. In this case, it is fine to hoot your horn and shout at them.

⦿ Boy racers who are found to be driving more than 20mph will have their Lambert & Butlers confiscated.

⦿ The Welsh government has said that the new rule will encourage people to cycle more. They have invested £60bn in cycle paths across Wales, none of which are used by cyclists since they like to use the roads instead.

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