Welsh builder says he can rebuild UK concrete schools for £200 cash

A builder from Caerphilly has announced that he can sort out the UK’s school concrete crisis for £200 cash.

Dai the Paint provided the UK government with a free, no-obligation quote, and added that tea and biscuits would need to be included in the deal.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“They’re daft going with their first quite, mun. They needs to do a bit of shopping around before they signs anything. I’m a time-served builder and I can turn my hand to anything. I do anything from fixing a broken tap to building you a loft conversion. I’ve told the people in charge that I can do it for £200 cash. They can’t turn that offer down now can they?”

A spokesman for the Welsh Assembly said:

“This is the guy who said he could do Buckingham Palace for £200 cash yet when we looked at the details of his quote for the rebuiding the schools in detail, we realised that he was expecting free tea and biscuits all day. With every respect to Mr Paint, we cannot afford to be splashing out on tea and biscuits all day long. Worse still, we’re sure he’d have Sport Talk on his radio all day at full volume and we don’t want disruption kept to a minimum.”

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