Shopper spends 3 hours picking up coins placed on counter by checkout girl

A shopper has spent three hours picking up coins that were placed on the counter by the checkout girl.

Julie LargeCalves was given £4.31 in coins which took her three hours to scrape up.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“If she’d have given me the change in my hand, I could have had the afternoon to myself catching up on things that I needed to catch up on. Instead, this dopey mare gave me all my change and placed it on the counter. I’d not long had my nails done because I’m going down the club later tonight and it took me three hours to pick up all the coins.”

Shop manager Roger Rarebit said:

“Our staff are trained not to touch people in case we offend them or get charged with serious assault. We also train our staff to place all coins on top of notes so that the shopper has to put down the bags that they were carrying in their spare hand so that they can take the coins off the note to put it back in their purse.”

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