Shock as Deliveroo cyclist stops at a red light

Motorists and pedestrians in Cardiff are being treated for shock after a Deliveroo cyclist stopped at a red light.

Several pedestrians were treated for shock at the scene and one motorist had to abandon his car.

One eye-witness told WalesOnCraic:

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. We are all used to dodging these Deliveroo people as part of our daily routine. The lights changed to red and right in front of our eyes, this Deliveroo cyclist just stopped and waited. No one knew where to look. People’s jaws just dropped. There was one lady who almost fainted. The light eventually changed to green and off he went, leaving us all shell-shocked.”

A spokeswoman from Deliveroo has since apologised to pedestrians.

“The cyclist in question was a new member of our team and we fully expect him to be ploughing through red lights within a few days.”

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