Sending unsolicited dick pics will now be a crime

Lads sending unsolicited dick pics to people is to be a crime from July.

Each month, hundreds of thousands of men send pictures of their dobbers to people in the hope of finding true love. That will all change next month when a new law comes into effect.

A spokesman for the Law Makers’ Society told WalesOnCraic:

“From July, anyone caught sending pictures of their pink oboes to anyone who hasn’t asked for it will face up to 25 years in jail. On a personal level, this is a bit of a shame because I enjoy seducing people by sending them pictures of my acorn. Out of the hundreds of people I’ve sent pictures to, I must say that I’ve not yet found true love so maybe this law will do me some good. People who receive unsolicited dick pics can report them to the police, once they’ve cleared up their vomit from the floor.”

Brenda Slackflaps of 32 Aberdore Road, Caernarfon LL55 1TV, who wanted to remain anonymous said:

“If you’re going to send anything lads, make it a large stash of used notes eh? I’d find that much more attractive. Thanks.”

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