Psychic sausage roll correctly guesses all World Cup results so far

A psychic sausage roll from Merthyr has correctly predicted all of the World Cup results to date.

The sausage roll forecast that Mexico would beat the Germans and predicts bad news ahead for England.

The sausage roll’s owner, Dennis Dimwit told WalesOnCraic:

“I bought the sausage roll from Greggs a few weeks back but I’d already eaten four corned beef pasties so I popped the sausage roll in the fridge. I love the World Cup so I thought I’d keep the sausage roll for the opening game. I was about to bite into it when Russian took on Saudi Arabia but when I looked, I could see the words ‘5-0 to Russia’ written on the side. I told my wife but she told me to get a life. I popped the sausage roll back in the fridge for the next game. Every game I watched, the sausage roll told me the result beforehand. I’m never going to eat it.”

Dennis said that the sausage roll predicts rough times ahead for England.

“They’ll be out on their arse before they know it,” said Dennis. “That’s what the sausage roll said anyway.”

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