Eddie Jones considering sales assistant job in Trago Mills

England coach Eddie Jones is considering taking up a position of sales assistant in Merthyr.

It follows England’s winning streak turning to shit and losing their fifth game in a row.

A spokesman for Mr Eddie told WalesOnCraic:

“He’s finding things tough at the moment. Obviously maintaining a winning run is a hard thing to do but it all seems to be going tits up at the moment. Eddie has spotted a job going at the local Trago Mills store in Merthyr and knowing Eddie, it’s a job he’d take on and turn into a winning position. For a while anyway. He’s had enough of the media getting on his back and he just wants a job where he can turn up, do his work and go home. He’s had enough of being in South Africa and fancies a bit of valleys life.”

A spokesman for Trago Mills said:

“We’ll take a look at his CV yeah but we’ve got the job lined up for Jordanna who currently works in the warehouse. We’ll see.”

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