Prince George to be renamed Prince David

With the birth of the new son this morning, word has reached WalesOnCraic via our source in The Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, that the new Prince will be named Prince George as he was born on St George’s Day. The current Prince George is to be renamed Prince David, as he will one day become Prince of Wales in his own right.

The source is a courier driver who had just delivered a parcel to the hospital, Glen Footdown was in the cubicle in The Lindo Wing, having a crap.

Glen said:

“I was sat there on the bog when I heard the door open and a voice. It sounded like Prince William. I heard him say ‘Granny, I want you to exercise your prerogative to rename royal babies before they are 10 years old. It’s too good an opportunity and we must name the new baby George and George can become David. It will be a win-win as the English will be happy as well as the Welsh. Just imagine them celebrating when King David takes the throne.”

WalesOnCraic conducted a straw pub in the Owen Glyndwr Arms, Llandrindod Wells and found unanimous support for the idea.

Landlady Sheila Drinkslops said:

“It’s about time Wales had a king with a Welsh name and it means we won’t get a King George when King William pops his clogs.”

Owen Glyndwr Arms regular, Sion Lagerlout said:

“When I got a dog from the rescue centre, he came with the name Tyson. We changed his name to Sammy and had no problem at all. I am sure Prince George will get used to his new name of Prince David.”

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