Gingers told to stay indoors as heatwave heads to Wales

Gingers across Wales have been told to stay indoors as a Mediterranean heatwave is set to move into Wales.

The advice has been announced after forecasters said that temperatures could reach the low 20s next week.

A spokesman for the Welsh Government said:

“Apart from collecting people’s bins, we like to think that we provide a quality service to the good people of Wales. We pay a team of people £30,000 each to warn ginger people of impending sunny weather. Our team has highlighted a potential problem for gingers next week as a ridge of high pressure looks set to move up north from the Med. We are warning gingers to stay indoors throughout the day, and most of the night too.”

Ginger shopkeeper Ginger ‘Ginge’ Gingernuts said:

“I’m going to struggle to open my shop next week. I might have to bring in Kevin, who has darker hair.”

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