Prince Harry heading to Tenby for his stag do

An unofficial source at Kensington Palace has confirmed, after 10 pints of real ale, that Prince William will be taking his brother Prince Harry, to Tenby, for his stag do, next weekend.

It was this morning that Kensington Palace confirmed that Prince William will be his brother’s best man, but no mention was made of the stag do.

WalesOnCraic can confirm that a suite of rooms has been booked in the Premier Inn under the name “Harry Williams” from lunchtime on Friday, until Monday lunchtime.

Harry, Wills and their pals are expected to spend Saturday at Oakwood Theme Park and have paid for exclusive use of the facilities, with the public excluded. On Sunday, they are expected to get dressed in wetsuits and go coasteering on the north Pembrokeshire coast. In their wetsuits, they will not be recognisable by the public.

But of course, the stag do will also include copious amounts of alcohol and it’s expected that they will enjoy curry night at the local Wetherspoons, The Dinbych-y-Pysgod. Friday night’s 2 for 1 curry night is a great attraction in Tenby. Local residents have already noticed an increased police presence and it’s expected that armed police protection will accompany them at all times.

Tenby Mayor, Cllr Marion Fish said:

“The Town Council were sworn to secrecy, so I cannot comment on this rumour. But it’s obviously a coincidence that up to 100 armed police officers will be in the town at the weekend. Townspeople are asked not to step out of line or they could get a bullet to the head. We would not want this to happen as the street cleaners will have to clean up any blood, on Monday.”

Tenby resident Bert Snodgrass said:

“I hope Wills and Harry will be out in the town. I would love to buy them both a pint of Tenby Best Bitter. I’m sure Wills is glad to be away from Kate and his 3 kids. I saw him asleep yesterday at the service in Westminster Abbey. Obviously, his latest arrival is meaning he is having sleepless nights.”

Kensington Palace was approached to confirm the news that Tenby was to host Prince Harry’s stag do, but declined to comment. The spokesperson did say though that Harry and Wills love a kebab after a night on the lash and obviously that will be a major consideration, where they hold the stag do. This afternoon, Carl’s Kebabs was seen cleaning and repainting his kebab shop, on the High Street.

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