No-noise and no-light fireworks go on sale for pets

A new range of pet-friendly fireworks has gone on sale for this year’s firework season.

The ‘Shitshow’ range of fireworks emit no noise or light, allowing pets to enjoy the autumn season undisturbed.

Firework boss Billy BigBang told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve got a cat called Tiddles and every year the same thing happens – someone down the estate lets off a barrage of fireworks and my poor Tiddles ends up crapping himself. Using my excellent skills in making things, I’ve invented a new range of fireworks that are perfect for them. They make no noise and emit no light. You simply pay large amounts of money for them, set fire to them in your garden, and then go back in the house to watch Strictly.

“Pet owners are always moaning about fireworks at this time of year so it’ll be nice for them to moan about something else now,” added Billy.

Bonfire Night, often known as Firework Night, is celebrated in the UK in early November to remember how a political prisoner was hung up by his neck and chopped into quarters while he was still dying.

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