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New Prince of Wales announced

A new Prince of Wales has been announced following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Living legend Michael Sheen will pick up the title at a ceremony this weekend.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been having our eye on this boy for a while and he seems to fit the bill. Now that Charles has become King, we thought Mr Sheen was a pretty good shoe-in for the title Prince of Wales.”

Mr Sheen’s new duties will include visiting various parts of Wales and opening new leisure centres. He’ll also be expected to talk to plants and wave to his subjects in a princely manner.

“The role of Prince of Wales is a serious one,” added the palace spokesman. “It’s so important that we’ve even named a bridge after him. We are sure that Mr Sheen will do a wonderful job and if he doesn’t, we’ve always got Ian Rush on the sidelines, just in case.”

Mr Sheen is expected to drop all his acting roles to take up his new position.

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