Man calls his unhurried wife down for tea 15 minutes before it’s ready

A man from Cardigan has called his wife down for her tea 15 minutes before he is due to serve it up.

Harry Halfhead says that it takes his wife 15 minutes to get her lazy arse down the stairs so likes to plan ahead so that the two events coincide and her food doesn’t go cold.

Harry told WalesOnCraic:

“My wife likes to take her time doing anything so when it’s my turn to cook tea, I have to bear in mind that it takes my wife 15 minutes to respond to my call that tea is up. When we first got together, I was very silly and used to call her down once I’d put her food up. Fifteen minutes later, she’d appear, take one mouthful and moan how cold it was. These days, I’m a lot wiser so I call upstairs 15 minutes ahead of putting her tea up. She’ll always ask if I’m just saying it or whether it really is up, and I’ll always say that it is actually up when it’s not actually up. So 15 minutes later, she’ll appear in her PJs, looking like she’s modelling for scatter cushions and her tea will be freshly served up.”

Wife Freda said:

“He’s a boy isn’t he? I don’t mind him lying to me about having my tea ready when it’s not if it means that I have my tea hot. I just don’t like him lying about the fact that he’s been banging my sister behind my back.”

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