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Jeremy Hunt to be new Bond villain

Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt is set to play the villain in the new Bond film.

Hunt will play the part of a demented politician who is hell-bent on destroying the NHS.

A spokesman for Mr Hunt told WalesOnCraic:

“I can today confirm that Mr Hunt will be taking the role of the new Bond villain in the forthcoming Bond movie, NHS Armageddon. Mr Hunt will continue in his role as Secretary of State for Health during the filming so that he can stay in character throughout the day. His many fans will still be able to visit him in his constituency during filming.”

Meanwhile, junior doctors have attempted to claim better working conditions by not going to work.

One junior doctor said:

“Yeah. Hunt. We don’t like him. I say that we get him out. In the meantime, I’m staying home with a packet of Hobnobs and Jeremy Kyle. That’s one Jeremy I’d much rather spend time with. Ho ho ho etc.”

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