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‘I’m Worried Non-English-Speaking-Refugees Will Take My Job’ Says Man Who Is Shit At His Job

A North Wales call centre worker has told of his worry of losing his job as the UK Government pledges to take more refugees.

Simon Pleb, who makes outbound telephone calls for a well-known insurance firm, told WalesOnCraic that he fears that the non-English-speaking migrants could take his job.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“To be honest, I’m worried that our town is going to be over-run by immigrants. What if I can’t get in the pub on a Friday night because it’s full of immigrants? What if they eat all the kebabs in AbraKebabra? My Friday nights just won’t be the same. Worse still, what if they want to work and they decide to take my job? I’ll have nowhere to go in the day times and I’ll have to end up sat at home being a Kyler. This Westminster government are a joke.”

Simon’s boss, also called Simon Pleb added:

“Don’t tell him this but I do hope some fucker comes and takes his job. He’s totally shit at it – I don’t know why I hired him. An empty plastic bottle could do a better job than that twat.”

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