Wales Turns Into A Nation Of Grumpy Fucks After Shit Weekend Of Sport

Wales has turned into a nation of grumpy fucks after two of their top rugby players were all but ruled out of the impending Rugby World Cup AND their national football team failed to nail a spot in the Euros.

People were reported ambling aimlessly to work on Monday morning, in stark contrast to the usual buoyant jigs that are commonplace across the nation.

Office worker Janet TwoSeats told WalesOnCraic:

“What a shit weekend. I’ve booked two weeks off to see Leigh Halfpenny’s thighs during the World Cup. I’m totally gutted. As for Rhys – it’s all just bad luck. I think I might have to pay them a visit in hospital to help them. I’m sure they’ll need ointments rubbed in or something.”

Cake maker Betty Bumflaps said:

“Everyone in work is on a downer this morning. My twat of a boss came in and tried to cheer us all up by singing a song but my mate threw his cup of coffee over him and kicked him in the knackers.”

Wales kick off their World Cup campaign at some point this month. Meh.

WalesOnCraic extends its best wishes to both Rhys and Leigh.

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