Gingers given 24 hour curfew as hottest day of the year predicted

Redheads across the country have been given a 24 hour curfew ahead of what is predicted to be the hottest day of the year.

Temperatures across Wales are predicted to peak in the early 20s on Sunday and gingers have been warned to step out in it at their peril.

Jimmy Gingerballs of the Gingers of Wales Association said:

“The Welsh government has issued this advisory as we all know what happens when gingers go outside in sunshine. The 24 hour curfew will last for 24 hours as temperatures are expected to drop on Monday. We’ve taken advice from the Daily Express about how hot it’s going to actually be on Sunday and they said that it’s going to be a killer. The advice for redheads therefore is to stay indoor and watch telly or something. There is plenty to watch on telly these days thanks to great technological advances in the way that our entertainment is delivered to us.”

One ginger said:

“I only went out to put the bins out last night and the moonlight was so strong that I’ve been in bed since with 3rd degree burns. As lush as we look, sadly there is always a downside to looking so beautiful.”

Ginger have been told to stay indoors with all the curtains closed from 6am on Sunday morning.

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