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Kendall Jenner offered £50 to star in Corona pop advert

Pointless celebrity Kendall Jenner has been offered £50 to star in a TV advert for Corona pop.

It follows news that her advert for Pepsi was pulled because it was shit.

A spokeswoman for Ms Jenner said:

“We admit that the whole Pepsi thing was a bit embarrassing. ‘We’ll pay you lots of money’ they said! ‘Lots of free Pepsi* whenever you want’ they said. We were in like a shot. Sadly, the advert turned out to be a shower of shit. We were down in the dumps until we got a call from Welsh pop maker Corona, who offered us a free bottle of Cherryade and £50 for our troubles. We’re still taking a look at the offer but we may have to take it because we’re desperate for some Cherryade and the cash will come in handy too.”

A spokesman for Corona said:

“We got this business back up and running just in case the Pepsi deal fell through. It was just as well it did – we were ready and waiting with a crisp £50 note and a big bottle of Cherryade.”

Kendall won’t be expected to drive a Corona pop lorry as suggested in earlier reports that we never wrote.

* Terms and Conditions apply.

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