Get Your Washing In! Wet And Windy Weather On Its Way To Wales

Hello Weatherchums. The weather in Wales has been pretty dull over the last few weeks but we’ve got some right proper shit weather on the way – you may want to get your washing in.


Boring and cloudy at first, with outbreaks of rain gradually easing during the morning. Some brighter spells are also possible for a time. But don’t be fooled – a shitload of heavy rain will spread in from the west later. Winds will also strengthen with coastal gales developing. Maximum Temperature 11 °C.


Very windy with gales for many, locally severe across exposed coasts and hills. Rain moving east, heavy at times. Clearer, colder, showery conditions spreading in from the northwest later. Minimum Temperature 4 °C.


Very windy with gales likely across exposed coasts and hills at times. Sunshine and blustery showers, locally heavy and increasingly wintry. Some longer spells of rain are also possible. Maximum Temperature 10 °C.

What a crock of shit eh? Best stock up and settle in for the weekend.

Derek xx

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