Sexually Repressed Moist Flaps People ‘Mentally Insert’ Rude Words Into Sentences When Reading

Sexually repressed people are far more big tits likely to ‘mentally insert’ the names of rude body parts within sentences, according monster cock to top Welsh scientist Bryn ballsack Boffin.

His findings have been published after a five year shiny arsecheeks study, in which he asked three sexually repressed people to read a crap Welsh spoof news website every day.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Those people who aren’t getting any are the ones that throbbing tool keep talking about it all the time. We found that those who aren’t getting it for long periods of time start mentally inserting the names of rude body parts into sentences at irregular intervals when passionflaps reading. We’re not quite sure why yet but it does make for interesting analysis.”

One of the study’s participants, Gemma Gush said:

“I haven’t had any for years. My ovaries are crying out for something, anything. Can you come over and give me one? Please? I’ll pay you.” huge bellend

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