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German carmakers recall 3 million cars after faulty indicators found on ALL models

German car manufacturers have recalled all their cars reaching back as 1985.

The news comes after record complaints about German-made cars not indicating at roundabouts and just before they cut you up at junctions.

A spokesman for one German manufacturer told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been receiving a large amount of complaints about some of our cars not having working indicators on them. This is all very strange as every vehicle that leaves our factory is in complete working order. We triple check all our indicators before they leave us so we can’t figure out why they would be failing so quickly. We have started the recall process for all our cars reaching back to 1985 to try and find out what is going on here.”

A driver of a German-made car did admit that his indicators were in fact working:

“I didn’t realise I had them for a few years. I’ve gotten so used to not using them that I prefer not to use them these days. I like to keep other motorists guessing, especially when I’m doing 120mph down the motorway, and as I come off roundabouts.”

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