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England rugby team to embark on year-long open top bus tour of England

The England rugby team will embark on a year-long tour of England in an open top bus to celebrate their Grand Slam win.

The first English team to achieve a Grand Slam in fuck knows how long will call in at every town and city to show off their new silverware.

England rugby fan Tarquin Smythe-Peacock told WalesOnCraic:

“What ho chaps? What a spiffing win for our chaps out there in Frogland. We showed them what for didn’t we? We can’t wait to get them back to Blighty to show them off around the country. We’ve hired an open top bus and a driver. We’re going to take in all the towns and cities across England and it’s likely that it’ll take us 12 months – just in time for the 2017 Six Nations when we win it again. Bish bosh.”

Dejected Welsh fan Dai ‘Hard With A Vengeance’ Jones said:

“I’m pretty gutted to be honest. If our boys had got their shit together, that could have been us on top of that open top bus. As it is, we’ve got to listen to them gloat until this time next year. I think I might move to Spain or something.”

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