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BUDGET LATEST: Price of Freddo bars held at 25p

George Osborne has delivered his 2016 budget and has announced that the price of a Freddo bar is to be held at 25p.

The announcement spells good news for schoolchildren, tightarses and those who can’t afford a Twix. Packets of Space Raiders have also been held at 20p.

A spokesman for the government told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been pushing for a freeze on the price of Freddo bars for the last three years. Ideally, we were hoping for a price reduction but we realise that we are all in this together. We are pleased that the Chancellor has seen sense and held the price of a Freddo bar, as well as those of Space Raiders. It means that I can get two Freddos and two packets of Space Raiders for lunch and still have change.”

Freddo fan Freddy Fredricks said:

“I’m over the moon. In fact, I’m going down to see Ajmol down the corner shop so I can buy a shitload off him. Thanks George – you’re the best.”

The price freeze will not affect multipacks.

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