Cardiff Airport to launch new service for Irish travelling community

Cardiff Airport is set to launch a new service for the Irish travelling community, according to plane spotter Jimmy NoMates.

The service will run once every three months.

Professional plane spotter NoMates told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve got a mate who works at the airport and he’s told me that they’re going to start a new service for the Irish travelling community. At present, Cardiff Airport only offers flights to places that no one really wants to go to and this new service will be a welcome addition to their portfolio. It will allow the travellers to come and visit Wales in the summer and then go home again in the winter. We’re going to set up a special room for their horses at the airport and we look forward to seeing them.”

Irish traveller Brendon McGinty said:

“I can’t wait to visit Wales. I hear that you’ve got lots of sheep and that there. I can’t wait to visit so I can’t.”

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