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Chris Rea Takes Out Breakdown Cover for Christmas Journey

Veteran singer Chris Rea has joined the AA for Christmas after his Austin Allegro broke down last year.

The musician, famous for his songs about cars and things, regularly drives home for Christmas. Unfortunately, his cam belt snapped last year as he was heading down the M4.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“It all went tits up last year. I was stuck on the hard shoulder of the pigging M4 for six hours. I had no breakdown cover so I had to call the cops and they arranged for a pickup truck to pick me up. Cost me and a leg. Not having that shit this year.”

Chris, whose real name is Chris, now has Roadside, Recovery and Home Start package, which covers him at his home address.

“It’s great. They cover you, the person, so it doesn’t matter whose car you’re in, whether you’re driving or a passenger. I chose to have Home Start on my package in case it doesn’t start on my own drive. I also get 10% off at selected retail outlets, which is nice.”

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