Welsh Police Given New Powers To Beat Shit Out of Drivers Picking Their Nose

Police in Wales have been given new powers to beat the shit out of anyone that catch picking their nose while driving.

The new law, which comes under the Common Decency law, has been introduced to stop the rise of the gink picking that has seen a rise on Welsh roads.

Welsh government spokesman, Charlie Shinyshoes told WalesOnCraic:

“The amount of times I’ve been sat in traffic, only to see some dirty bastard going at it like a JCB. What do they do with their haul? That’s right – flick it out their window. Presuming it’s a non-sticky one. The amount of time they take their eyes off the road to admire their snot-goblin also has to be taken into consideration.”

Motoring organisations have broadly welcomed the move. Dennis Dingle of Roadwatch Wales said:

“It’s like as if they think that they are invisible. And the worst thing that could ever happen is that you make eye contact with someone who’s got their finger rammed right up inside their head. It’s traumatising. I’m glad to see this new law.”

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