Yeah, It’s Going To Piss Down

Morning Weatherchums,

It appears that despite today’s sunny skies, there’s a shitload of rain and thunder on its way to Wales for tomorrow.

Tonight will start mostly clear, especially in the north. Cloud will bubble up overnight though, bringing showers and then some heavy and thundery rain. Minimum Temperature 12°C.

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be an unsettled day, although there will be bouts of some sunshine in parts. Where there is rain, it will be heavy and thundery, with the possibility of leading to some local flooding.

It is advised that all attractive females put on their thin white cotton Rain Deflectors like the one above, pictures of which, you can inbox to my private email address. Maximum Temperature 22°C.

Down here on the farm, we’ll be battening down the hatches and cwtching up with tea, biscuits and an old movie.

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