Ponty man gets three meals a day by painting numbers on wooden spoons and sitting in pubs

A Pontypridd man has admitted getting three hot meals a day by painting numbers onto wooden spoons and sitting in pubs.

Unemployed actor Roger Boner was caught out after he returned to the same pub twice in one afternoon.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“They were doing a lovely line in sausage and chips and I got greedy and had to go in for seconds. Bastards caught me out. I’ve been doing it for years too. Now that I’ve been rumbled, I won’t be able to get in anywhere.”

But pub managers are relieved that the hot meal thief has been caught.

Manager Brian WideGut said:

“The little shit’s been coming in here for years. I never thought for one second that he was getting all his food for free. I’ve sacked three members of staff thinking they were fiddling my tills.”

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