Wales starting Six Nations shitly is ‘part of masterplan’

Insiders in the Welsh camp have exclusively told WalesOnCraic that Wales have deliberately started this year’s Six Nations shitly to lull the opposing side’s into a false sense of security.

With the pressure now off to win yet another Grand Slam, Wales can now focus on getting the basics right.

A spokesman who didn’t want to be identified as Gwyn Hopkins of 3 Trebont Place, Trefforest, told WalesOnCraic:

“Gats knows what he’s doing. The man is a genius. He does this all the time. We’ve seen it time and time again where we pretend that we’re shit but secretly, we’re amazing. We give the opposing teams the first game so that they think we’re playing shitly, but then we come back and win the tournament. It’s all part of the masterplan. You watch – come March, we’ll be Six Nations winners once again.”

Fans were disappointed with the Welsh performance against the Irish in the opening game of this year’s tournament.

“I thought we was shit but if it’s all part of Gatland’s plan, that’s fine by me.”

Wales now head to Edinburgh to play Scotland who beat England in their opening game.

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