Woman writes manual to explain to husband which towels he can use and which ones are to be brought out when guests visit

A Treorchy woman has written a 64 page manual detailing which towels her husband can use at any given time.

Gemma ‘OCD’ TwoPorches was driven to writing the manual after her husband stupidly used the hand towel reserved for guests to wipe his wet arse.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“When I married my husband, I thought I’d landed on my feet. He was handsome, rich and could go like a freight train in bed. It was only after we moved in together that I realised that I was so wrong. Firstly, he used a beach towel after coming out of the shower once and then last night, he used the posh hand towels that I’d bought from John Lewis, to wipe his wet arse. We went to Relate as I couldn’t handle it any more and the counsellor advised that I write a manual so that my dickhead husband knows which towels to use. I spent three weeks writing it and if he actually reads it, we might be able to save our marriage.”

Husband Nick said:

“I was so stupid. I was so ignorant – I just thought a towel was a towel but now that I know the error of my ways, I’m hoping we can build from here.”

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