Trebanog shopkeeper caught rebranding Starbursts as Opal Fruits

A Trebanog shopkeeper has been caught rebranding Starburst chews as Opal Fruits.

Simon Dunce has never come to terms with the name change that took place in 1998.

Dunce told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve tried as hard as I can to use the real name but when kids come in asking for Starburst, I just have to correct them. Some kids these days don’t even know that they were once called Opal Fruits – it’s them I feel sorry for. All those years they’ve missed out on. This government hasn’t got a clue.”

Dunce was caught by a group of schoolchildren, writing Opal Fruits on wrappers of Starburst.

One of them, Timmy Smartarse, said:

“Clearly the man has issues, possibly some kind of separation anxiety, that he hasn’t worked through. I suggest a few sessions with a qualified professional which should help his condition.”

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