Wales put on Wheelie Bin Alert as Atlantic storm set to batter Wales

Wales has been put on an Amber Wheelie Bin Alert for the weekend as an Atlantic storm looks set to hit Wales.

Council officials have been furiously writing letters to people across the country, warning residents that their wheelie bin could get blown over or even moved slightly by the strong winds.

One Council official told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve put up a card in my local Post Office window, explaining the full dangers of windy conditions, especially on bin days when the bin men leave empty wheelie bins in the street. One gust of wind and that wheelie bin could end up moving a least a few centimetres. The public need to be aware of the dangers of strong winds and the carnage they can wreak on our streets.”

One resident said:

“I’ve checked all the forecasts and I’ve had to move my wheelie bin in off my patio and into my living room. I’m not risking it.”

Legendary Welsh weather forecaster, Derek the Weathersheep said:

“Yep. Shitloads of rain and wind on its way. Cwtch up tight and watch them wheelie bins.”

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