Woman sleeps with one foot under her duvet to stay cool

A woman from Caerphilly has revealed that she’s been sleeping with one foot under her duvet over the last few nights.

Sleeping with one foot under the duvet means that Ethel Ladygarden doesn’t get too hot but also keeps a little bit warm.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s been bloody roasting these last few nights so I’ve had to take the duvet off. The problem is that I can’t bring myself to take it off completely so I keep my foot under it so that I still feel its comfort. I get too cold if I take my foot out so I like to keep it under there.”

Temperatures across Wales have rocketed to 11,000 degrees, meaning that it’s been a bit hot.

“I’ve been sweating cobs,” added Ethel. “I think that Drakeford should do something about this seeing as he’s not doing much else.”

The heatwave is set to ease off slightly on the weekend.

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