Woman files for divorce after husband gives honest answer to ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’

A Swansea woman has filed for divorce after her husband gave an honest reply in response to whether she looked fat or not in a new outfit.

Tina Gunt, from Killay, had bought her new outfit from TK Maxx to go out with her friends tonight. She interrupted husband Don’s viewing of Celebrity Big Brother to show off her new clothing. But when asked whether she looked fat in it, Don said that she did.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“That is NOT the answer I was wanting. Why couldn’t the twat just lie like he always does? He should have even pretended to be surprised that I was asking such a question. He could have stepped back and looked at my quizzically. But no. Not MY husband. I’m sick of him. I think I might sell him on Ebay. Do you want him?”

Don, who is now staying with friends, said:

“She asked me if she looked fat in it and she did. There was no getting away from it. She looked fat because she is fat. She looked like a baby elephant. No amount of loose clothing from TX Maxx is going to cover that fact – it’s not the dress that makes her look fat. It’s the fat.”

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