Low-res ninja-style night cycling outfits take Wales by storm

A new range of dark cycling outfits has taken Wales by storm.

The ninja-style low-res cycling suits have become very popular with night cyclists in and around the country.

Cyclist Jimmy Twatt told WalesOnCraic:

“When I’m cycling around at night, I like to travel around under the cover of stealth. My new low-res outfit means that motorists won’t see me until the very last second. I also like to add to the element of surprise by not attaching any form of lights to my bike so that the only time a motorist knows I’m there is when I’m bouncing off their bonnet. I can then upload my Go-Pro camera footage of me going arse over tit to the internet so that I can show what a rough deal us cyclists get.”

Manufacturers of the dark outfits are hoping to expand production so that they can sell them to other countries. Manager Gethin Gunt said:

“Yeah. We’d like to sell them to other countries. Places like Poland and stuff.”

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