Premenstrual woman checks fridge 16 times in the hope that chocolate might magically appear

A South Wales woman has checked the contents of her fridge 16 times this evening, in the hope that a bar of chocolate would magically appear.

Theresa ChubbyCheeks has been craving sweet food since she arrived home from Kwik Save at around 4pm. Unfortunately, she had forgotten to purchase chocolate before heading home.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I’m stuck in because my daughter Mandy is in bed and I can’t head out and leave her. I could murder for some chocolate and I’ve been through my fridge 16 times already to see if I had some hidden. Sadly, no chocolate has magically appeared and despite an appeal to my friends on Facebook to see if anyone could drop some round, no one heeded the call. What a bunch of tossers my friends are. I hate them. SOMEONE BRING ME CHOCOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!”

Theresa will be checking her handbag for chocolate later this evening once she’s sorted her bins out.

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