Welsh Teachers To Get Inset Day To Recover From Exhausting Six Weeks Off Work

Teachers in some parts of Wales will be holding an Inset Day tomorrow because they haven’t had long enough off to rest over the summer holidays.

It comes as some parents have to delay their joy of sending their kids back to school.

Teacher Gordon LeatherElbows told WalesOnCraic:

“I’m knackered. I’ve been up all day marking and only got 11 hours sleep last night. Thankfully, the Head has told us that we’ve got an Inset Day. What this means is that we pretend to go into the school to undertake some pretend training, but really, we’ll be down the pub getting twatted. I love being a teacher although working 8.30-3 five days a week really does take its toll.”

But some teachers are calling for even more time off so that they can catch up on Emmerdale.

Student teacher Tracy Snell said:

“I find it so hard because I have to prepare every lesson, do the lesson, and then write a report about the lesson. Each lesson takes about three months to prepare and about 4 months to write up and evaluate.”

Veteran teacher Pam Evans said:

“Not sure why the student teacher is working so hard. They’ll give her one year in the school because she’s cheap and then they’ll tell her to fuck off. Best lessons I give are when I stick a DVD on.”

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