Welsh Designer Creates World’s First PMT Protector Suit For Men

A Welsh clothes designer has created the world’s first PMT protective suit for men.

The outfit, branded as the PMT Protector, will hit the shops this autumn. Thousands of lads have already pre-ordered their suits.

Designer Justin Gaylord told WalesOnCraic:

“Women think they have it bad every few weeks but hardly anyone considers the poor lads who have to take the abuse. This suit is designed to absorb verbal and physical abuse. It has built-in ear defenders and a special coating that helps deflect even the most unwarranted verbal attacks. To the rear, it has a tissue dispenser that the female can help herself to when she suffers emotional breakdowns. I’ve tried to think of everything.”

Jim HenPeck from Maesteg said:

“I can’t wait to get my Devil Defender. I currently work out when her ‘star week’ is on my calendar so that I can prepare myself for the onslaught. This new suit means I’ll be able to carry out my domestic duties without having to duck flying plates.”

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