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People Posting Photos Of Their Kids In School Uniforms Being Paid In Jammie Dodgers By Facebook

Families across Wales are receiving free packets of Jammie Dodgers from Facebook in return for posting pictures of their children in their new school uniforms.

The initiative is designed to help promote the popular jam-filled biscuit.

Mother of four, Angie Slackflaps told WalesOnCraic:

“I don’t usually like posting pictures of my kids on Facebook because they’re so frigging ugly but on this occasion, I was more than happy to do it so I can get my Jammie Dodgers. They’re so nice with a cup of tea and it’ll save me going down the chippy later for the kids’ tea.”

A Facebook spokesperson said:

“We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make people post shit to Facebook. We’ve teamed up with the people who make Jammie Dodgers so that everyone’s Facebook pages become crammed with pictures of kids in their school uniforms. We did the same last year with the Ice Bucket Challenge when we offered people Malted Milks.”

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