Welsh pensioners reveal their favourite pastime of 2019


Welsh pensioners have revealed that standing in the doorway to Tesco, checking their receipt, is their favourite pastime of 2019.

The golden oldies’ new favourite hobby replaces last year’s winner, which was talking to each other about the latest supermarket offers.

Old aged pensioner Doreen Leatherface told WalesOnCraic:

“I loves standing in the doorway to Tesco to check my receipt. I make sure that I lean right over my trolley and spend at least 15 minutes blocking everybody coming in and going out. The funny thing is, I can’t even read the receipt because I always leave my glasses at home in case I lose them but I’m sure everything adds up. I got some great offer on the chicken today – British chicken too. I wouldn’t eat any of that foreign chicken – you don’t know where it’s come from. I like my chicken to have its head stuck in a vat of electrified water before having its throat sliced so it bleeds to death. That way, the machines can strip it of all its rotting flesh ready for my Albert’s Sunday roast.”

Supermarket boss Timmy Clicketyshoes said:

“We have noticed a marked rise in this new pastime. We’ve introduced some heavies to stand in the doorway and shout abuse at the pensioners if they fail to move.”

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